Lowboy Trailers

Our detachable gooseneck trailers are often referred to as “lowboy trailers”. These models are offered with capacities ranging from 35 to 55 tons. Call (313) 554-4400 for current inventory.


55-ton CR55, Detachable Gooseneck Trailer

ROGERS CR55 is a TRUE 55-ton lowbed trailer with its load concentration in 12′-6″ or half the deck length.
It has the “No Foot”® Tower style gooseneck; “Croucher”® front end; and the Ultima four-beam cambered deck design.


50-ton CR50, Detachable Gooseneck Trailer

ROGERS® Ultima CR50 is the top of the line lowbed with an unmatched load concentration.
Its low deck height with the “bucket pocket” and “boom trough” give better overhead clearance when hauling an excavator.
Pictured Options: Center boards installed and front folding ramps.


25-ton TAG25XXL, Tag-Along Trailer

TAG25XXL has an ample 22′-0″ oak deck platform on a strong frame of 6″ deep cross members pierced through the main beams.
The 80″ drawbar allows for better load distribution and easier handling. Note: standard drawbar toolbox steel lid not shown.


35-ton CR35RS, Detachable Gooseneck Trailer

ROGERS CR35RS is 35-ton capacity lowboy trailer on air ride suspension with a beavertail, so it can be loaded from either the back or the front for maximum versatility.
Pictured Option: Center deck boards installed, swinging side brackets, manual rear ladder-style ramps.